Choosing your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner can be a tall task. Luckily, one New York City restaurant is putting all those iconic ingredients in a single burger. Clinton Hall's Tater Tot Turkey Burger puts all the holiday's biggest flavors in between two buns made of tater tots. The restaurant's executive chef, Darryl Harmon, and director of branding and marketing, Jeremy Lieberman, join us to tell us how they cooked up this viral hit. The burger comes with a Pat LaFrieda turkey burger, cheddar cheese jalapeno stuffing, homemade orange cranberry sauce, and it's all dipped in hot brown gravy. Harmon and Lieberman tell us how the recipe originated in a dream before becoming reality. Plus, it's not the restaurant's only internet hit. They tell us how social media is integral to Clinton Hall's marketing strategy and what goes into making a meal designed to go viral.