This Changes Things

December 26, 2017
Updated 6mo ago

On this episode of "This Changes Things," we talk to David Chandler, the man behind the Chandler Bat, about taking on the big hitters in the industry. He shares how he pivoted from making high-end furniture to making baseball bats for some of the world's top players.

Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably, and Jared Lindzon, Writer at Fast Company, take a look at the best companies to work for. Google tops Comparably's list of large companies, but Lindzon says that other industries are gearing up to unseat the big tech companies. Nazar and Lindzon also discuss the things that put companies like Google at the top of the list, and what other companies can do to get themselves on the list in the future.

Plus, a look at the marketing trends for companies to focus on in 2018. Customer experience is at the forefront of business. If companies want to build brand recognition and customer loyalty, they have to look beyond the product and tap into customers' emotions.