This Changes Things [2/20/18]

February 20, 2018

On today's episode of This Changes Things hosts Baker Machado and Hope King give a recap of the day's top earnings. In addition, they talk through top tips to ensure your business is a success.

But first, Jason Mayden, CEO and Co-Founder of Super Heroic, joins This Changes Things to discuss how creativity can empower an entire generation. He spent 13 years working for Nike, leading the creation of products for athletes and cultural icons such as Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Derek Jeter. At Super Heroic it's his mission to empower children with the power of play through different products.

Plus, everyone has those quirky tendencies, but how do we hone in those attributions and create innovation? Melissa Schilling, Author of "Quirky" and Lydia Dishman, Reporter at Fast Company join This Changes Things to discuss different strategies to becoming a great leader.