This Company Is the Hallmark of Marijuana

November 22, 2017
Updated 6mo ago
The holiday shopping season is about to officially kick off. If you don't want to brave the lines and crowds of Black Friday, sometimes just a simple greeting card will do; especially if it comes with a slot for a pre-rolled joint. Lauren Miele is the CEO and founder of KushKards, and joins us to show off her marijuana-themed greeting cards. Miele says the company started as a DIY project after she had the idea to slip a blunt inside a greeting card she gave to her friend. Today, KushKards has dozens of clever cards, each one coming with a place to put a joint and a book of matches. You can light the matches by striking them directly on the card. Miele tells us why greeting cards go so hand-in-hand with cannabis. She attributes it to stoners loving everything to do with gifts. She gives us a rundown of some of the company's holiday cards and even shows us a custom-made KushKard for Cheddar.