Obesity in America is on the rise, with almost 40% of adults classified as obese. Despite technology making digital workouts easier than ever to access, obesity is 10 times more common now than 40 years ago. Carl Daikeler, Co-Founder and CEO of BeachBody, which provides fitness and nutrition resources, explains why the U.S. is getting unhealthier.

Daikeler admits he doesn't enjoy working out but adds that it's our responsibility to stay fit. With U.S. healthcare costs skyrocketing, Daikeler believes tackling obesity is key to lowering the financial burden of bad health. Even though staying active is important, the BeachBody Co-Founder stresses that 80% of being fit is nutrition.

In the "Netflix Era," streaming content has become commonplace. It's not only TV shows that are streamed, but also fitness and cooking videos. With over 1 million people now using BeachBody's on-demand products, Daikeler explains how streaming workouts is emerging as an alternative for people who don't want to leave their house to go to the gym.