U.S. silver medalist Elana Meyers Taylor thinks the Olympics could benefit from some added technology.

The bobsledder, who took home second prize at this year’s Games, supports the use of artificial intelligence to make the judging process more fair.

“I think in a lot of judge sports there’s this controversy of whether the human eye can catch everything and whether they can be completely objective,” she told Cheddar.

Scoring can be one of the more convoluted elements of the Games. For example, the 2018 Winter Olympics saw an uproar when figure skater Adam Rippon scored less than his competitors, despite what many saw as an incredible performance.

But Meyers Taylor suggested that judging is only the start. She said her sport overall would benefit from technological advancement.

“I’d like to see more information provided on what’s actually going on in the sled, so that we can better improve our time and better improve the sport.”

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