No matter how many new meal-kit services hit the market, people are still struggling to learn to cook. The Meatball Shop founder Daniel Holzman is out to change that with his new app, Project Foodie. The award-winning chef and cookbook author tells us all about the new app, which he claims is the cookbook of the future. Project Foodie lets chefs of all skill levels follow along in real-time with professionally-produced videos starring Holzman. He tells us that he came up with the idea with his brother, who always asks for help in the kitchen. The app assists users with customized grocery lists, and delivery, before guiding them in the kitchen every step of the way. Holzman tells us how you can use the app to cook Thanksgiving dinner. One of the app's 30 curated meals is "The Epic Thanksgiving Feast." It teaches chefs of all skill levels to cook turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauces, and more.