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With so many streaming services available these days, you can find pretty much any movie or show you want to watch on one platform or another. The only problem is unless you have a subscription to every single service, you’re bound to hit a paywall. History buffs, you’re in luck: today we bring you intel on a one-stop shop created for viewers just like you. 
Get the History Hit TV: Streaming Service Subscription and unlock a treasure trove of curated content for two years. Created by Dan Snow, a well-known British TV host and the creator of the History Hit podcast, the platform is essentially Netflix for history lovers. You can expect a variety of programming that covers all your favorite topics as well as lots of opportunities to learn.  
Specifically, the History Hit TV catalog features a wide range of documentaries, interviews and films on American and European history. Find programming on timeline categories including Ancient and Classical, Middle Ages, Early Modern, Age of Revolution, Victorian, 20th Century and the Information Age. From across the pond to outer space, there's something for everyone. Among the content, you’ll find licensed shows mixed with original programming, thanks to Snow’s expertise. New content is added every week, so stay tuned for fresh titles as you scroll.
Unlike most streaming services, History Hit TV offers another much-loved medium: podcasts. This equally impressive library provides the perfect entertainment for morning walks, long drives and beyond. You can access all the content that this awesome platform has to offer via your desktop, mobile device, Apple TV app or Amazon Fire Stick. 
The ratings are in: reviewers call it a “superb value,” citing the “huge selection of historical topics from ancient times to the present.” History Hit TV currently has over 150,000 likes on Facebook.
Get the History Hit TV: Streaming Service Subscriptions for $49.99 (Reg. $99), a savings of 50%.