Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Thrive Market Nick Green and Gunnar Lovelace joined Cheddar this morning from Los Angeles. The team highlighted their mission to democratize access to healthy living by selling organic foods and products at a 25 - 50% discount and educating their community about how and why to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Despite being the fastest growing health and wellness e-commerce company in U.S. history, Green and Lovelace were denied by 50 venture capitalists in 2013. They opted to partner with influencers like Demi Moore, Jillian Michaels, and John Legend to fund, grow, and promote the business. Today they have over 200 mega bloggers, such as the widely popular Wellness Mama, and content creators investing in and powering the business. The two-year-old company is equally committed to a vast social mission. Every membership purchased provides one to a family in need. Thrive Market boasts over 200,000 paying members and has donated hundreds of thousands of memberships to families, first responders, students, teachers, and more. Members can also donate a portion of their savings at checkout. Tune in to learn how Thrive Market is scaling their 4,000+ product marketplace, the company's growing content model, and gain access to their exclusive offer for CHEDHEAD to receive 15% off of your first order. Use the code “Ched-Head” at checkout.