Tiffany Boone was not always as confident in her acting career as she should be. The actress had given up after a disappointing slew of parts and was getting ready to quit the industry.

When Boone started acting again, her first audition was for Lena Waithe’s new series on Showtime, “The Chi.” She tells Cheddar that she had auditioned for a part in the show years ago, but the project was put on hold and she didn't get the role.

Years later, she tried again and landed the part of Jerrika on the Showtime drama that premiered Sunday, January 7th. With a grand total of 1.68 million viewers over multiple platforms, the debut of The Chi proved the best premiere for Showtime since Billions opened on January 2016.

Boone also opened up about the importance of arts for children and how she personally found solace in the creative outlet growing up with her mom in Baltimore after her father was killed when she was just three years old. "The Chi" currently airs Sunday's on Showtime.