TikTok is introducing a new feature called "Series" that allows users to create longer-form video content behind a paywall. 
One Series can include up to 80 videos that are 20 minutes or less, and creators get to decide how much access to this content will cost their fans. 
"Creators can select how much their Series should cost that best reflects the value of their exclusive content, which can be purchased for access via direct in-video links or through a creator’s profile," the company wrote in a blog post. 
The company said the offering fits into a number of "monetization solutions" to make creators "feel valued and rewarded" as they produce content for the controversial platform. 
"As we're in the early stages of Series, we'll continue to listen closely to our community for feedback," it wrote. 
The announcement comes as Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. champions a bill that could give the Commerce Secretary power to fully ban the Chinese-owned TikTok from the U.S.