This week's issue of TIME is highlighting the unity and shared humanity coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. This special double issue report — Apart. Not Alone — features the cover profile of Chef José Andrés, who is helping to feed people, profiles doctors and nurses who are fighting the virus on the front line, and others.
Charlotte Alter, a national correspondent for TIME, told Cheddar on Wednesday that everyone is finding a way to chip in and help. 
"This is really a grassroots effort all across America with people trying to chip in to do what they can do," Alter said. 
TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal wrote in a letter to readers that the magazine began working on the cover before they even knew of the term "flatten the curve." 
"We began planning this special issue of TIME before any of us had heard the phrase flatten the curve, much less contemplated our own roles in the flattening," Felsenthal revealed.
Alter noted also noted that while this crisis may have people feeling isolated, it has also shown how connected we are with one another. 
"Fundamentally, I think this crisis made us feel, maybe, physically isolated," she said. "But it has actually revealed how interconnected all of us actually are as a society."