The question everyone is dying to know: is there any chance Tom Brady is headed back to playing in the NFL after his retirement?
Brady told Cheddar News' Kristen Scholer he's not planning to step in for ailing Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who had foot surgery in the off-season.
"Football's never going to be too far from my heart although you're not going to see me on the playing field anymore," said Brady.
While he might not be suiting up again any time soon, he is in the process of trying to become a minority owner of the team.
Meanwhile, Brady, one of football's most prolific players of all time, told Scholer that he plans to spend his time off the field with his family and exploring new business opportunities.
Among Brady's post-quarterback roles is a deal with Hertz. He has been a spokesperson since 2021, highlighting the car rental company's dedication to electric vehicles. In the upcoming year he'll be starring in spots with actress and comedian Yvonne Orji where he will play the role of a guest on the fictional Hertz Let's Go Show.
Updated to include specific information about Brady's new Hertz partnership and note that the Raiders are now based in Las Vegas.