Andrew Levitt, CEO and Founder of plant-based meal-kit company Purple Carrot, discusses the goal of the company, which is to make vegan food for non-vegans. Levitt also weighs in on the struggling Blue Apron IPO and what that means for the future of his company.

Levitt is not a vegan himself but engages in a heavily plant-based vegan diet. He speaks about the environmental and health impacts of the diet, from eliminating depression to reducing the side effects of Crohn's Disease and Cancer.

Levitt talks about Tom Brady's lifestyle brand "TB12" and its partnership with Purple Carrot. The meal-kit company offers a plant-based option that is high in protein for those that lead an active lifestyle.

Levitt also talks about what Amazon's move into the grocery business means for his company. He also weighs in on the unfortunate timing of the Blue Apron IPO and how its struggles have cast a shadow on the meal-kit market as a whole.