By Christian Smith

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer is not apologizing for his campaign to impeach Donald Trump.

In an interview with Cheddar Monday, he dismissed criticism from certain Democrats that focusing on impeachment will energize the Republican base.

"Standing up for the Constitution and the American people" should be more important than campaign tactics, he said.

But Steyer is focused on both the immediate and the political long term.

If Democrats don't take back the House of Representatives next month, "this year is a failure," he said.

Otherwise, Steyer said, the thousands of hours and millions of dollars pumped into this election cycle will have been for nothing.

"We've just got to say that and own it," he said of acknowledging the urgency of the midterms for Democrats.

According to an August report, Steyer has poured more than $120 million into this election cycle primarily through his two political groups ー the "NextGen America" super PAC and the "Need to Impeach" campaign.

Steyer's game plan is to mobilize the millions of millennials who don't normally vote in an attempt to undermine President Trump, whom Steyer calls a "corrupt, lawless, and dangerous president."

NextGen America has spent millions of dollars engaging young voters in key battleground states like Florida. Millennials traditionally haven't shown up to vote in the same numbers as other generations, but Steyer isn't fazed.

"I am confident," Steyer said when asked whether he thought millennials would turn up at the polls.

To some, Steyer's well-oiled political machine might resemble the early outline of a possible 2020 campaign.

But the former hedge fund manager reiterated that his focus rests solely on the midterms ー at least for now.

"We are nose down through Nov. 6, 2018," Steyer said.

"I think anyone who is thinking about themselves instead of doing what's right and doing the work over the next two weeks, or over the past two months, really is missing the point."

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