Apple is issuing an apology to customers and offering a $50 discount on battery replacements for a year. The statement comes as the company faces a firestorm -- including several lawsuits -- after admitting it slowed down the performance of older iPhones as their batteries deteriorated. The discounted $29 batteries will be available to customers with an iPhone 6 or higher through December, 2018.

Netflix's latest original film may not be getting great reviews, but it appears people are still watching it. Some 11 million people viewed the Will-Smith-helmed "Bright" in the first three days since its release, according to Nielsen. That compares to the 3 million who watched the crown...and the nearly 16 million who tuned in for the second season of stranger things. .The 90 million dollar movie, directed by the man behind the similarly panned "Suicide Squad," has brought in scathing reviews...but Netflix has already ordered a sequel.