Bitcoin is boosting more than people's wallets. It's also causing a surge in app store rankings. Coinbase, an app that lets you buy the cryptocurrency, now has the number one spot in the app store. The milestone coming as the price of Bitcoin soared past 17 thousand dollars Thursday, a 20 percent price jump in just 24 hours.

Ain't no party like a Silicon Valley party because Silicon Valley parties hire models to mingle with guests. Local modelling agencies say tech companies are paying models to chat up attendees. The trend is an effort to even up the gender ratios at the mostly all-male holiday parties

Run, run Rudolph, all the way to Starbucks! The new Christmas Tree Frappucino went on sale Thursday, and you can only get it until December 11th. The peppermint-mocha blended frapp is topped with light green whipped cream and decorated with caramel, candied cranberries and sliced strawberries. The seasonal drink has 490 calories and 68 grams of sugar for a venti.