Yet another study is shedding light on Uber's low wages. An Australian analysis shows Aussie Uber-x drivers earn on average less than fifteen dollars per hour. That's roughly three dollars less than Australia's minimum wage. The author of the study claims Uber's market value benefits from the drivers' low incomes and would collapse without it.

The Weinstein company can't seem to sell. According to lead investor Maria Contreras-Sweet, the company turned down a $500 million dollar offer to sell the majority of its assets. That deal was originally agreed upon, but was called off when the investors discovered the company was in more debt than they thought.

Barbie is honoring International Women's Day. the brand is launching 17 new dolls honoring some very inspiring women. the new additions to the she-ro program features 3 historical figures and 14 modern day women including Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, and conservationist Bindi Irwin.