Bitcoin reached a major milestone on Tuesday, surpassing $10,000, according to Coindesk. The cryptocurrency spiked to close to $11,000 early this morning, a 10 percent jump from its price only 24 hours earlier. This marks a dramatic ascent, as a bitcoin cost a mere 6 cents only 7 years ago, and less than $1,000 at the start of this year. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel tooka shot at competitors like Facebook, saying algorithms used by other social media companies fueled the rise of fake news, but that his platform, Snapchat, is different. In an op-ed posted on Axios, the tech company's founder says the app is based around communication with friends, rather than sharing outside content. He compares snap to netflix, saying its algorithms suggest posts based on *users* interests, rather than those of their friends. ESPN has laid off 150 more people in its newest round of cuts, as it plans to shift resources into its streaming service. Most of the affected jobs are in studio production, digital content, and technology. In total, the cuts account for about 2 percent of the network's total headcount.