Toronto Mayor John Tory and Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie discuss ride-sharing company Lyft's international launch in Toronto and why the city is best for Amazon's upcoming HQ2. The mayors discuss the great Toronto area's business environment and how it's become a tech hub, home to numerous major companies. It now plays home to corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Both mayors discuss the city's policies on healthcare, its low corporate tax rate, and its growing talent pool as reasons why it is the best fit for Amazon's headquarters. Mayor Crombie discusses the cities' investment in STEM education and its continued expansion of immigration policy. Mayor Tory adds that part of the reason the city does so well with tech is that it is so diverse. In terms of whether immigration has increased to Toronto in the wake of the Trump administration's stances on topic, Mayor Tory notes he can't be sure, adding that universities have seen an increase in applications from around the world in the last several months.