Caen Contee, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at dockless bike share company LimeBike, discusses the company's latest $50 million funding round, which comes less than a year after the company was founded and a few months after its initial launch. Contee talks about his business model, which charges $1 per 30 minutes. LimeBike seeks to bridge the socio-economic gap within the bike sharing industry, allowing people from every financial background to take advantage of the platform. Through the app, you find a bike in your area and are able to dock it anywhere when you're done. We talk about how the bikes are being used in some cities and the challenges the company faces in making sure they are not misused. LimeBike is working with local governments to tackle those problems. What separates LimeBike from other programs already out there? Caen notes that one of its biggest advantages is the integration of the bike with your smartphone and its GPS capabilities. And for investors, the company has been making money since its founding, which is allowing confidence in the platform to grow.