A new study has found that streaming films are far more diverse than theatrical features. The 63-page study from UCLA called the "Hollywood Diversity Report" surveyed job categories, including directors, writers, lead actors and overall casts, and found that women and people of color have more of a presence in films from streamers than theatrical releases, both in front of and behind the camera. Despite recent progress, the report also says that in 2022, diversity in many key jobs on theatrical releases saw a "backslide to 2019 levels." At the same time, the percentage of women directors of theatrical films has nearly tripled since 2011. 
The trailer for a new Netflix show called Citadel just dropped, and it's generating buzz in the streaming world. The show is about the former members of an independent spy agency called Citadel who have forgotten about their past lives as spies — that is until an old colleague played by Stanley Tucci recruits them.