Home buyers aren't just looking at the number of bedrooms and kitchen appliances anymore. They're looking at developments that offer new amenities like golf simulators, green spaces and yoga studios. Real estate experts MariaElena Scotto and Kim Shepard join Your Future Home to talk about the newest trends in housing amenities.

Technology is a big must-have for first-time home buyers. Shepard talks about front doors with keyless entry, built-in Bluetooth-enabled devices, and appliances that pair with your smartphone. But technology isn't the only thing home buyers look at. Being active is a huge part of people's lives, and they want their apartment or complex to help them achieve that goal. Many now offer yoga studios, meditation rooms, group classes and even rock climbing walls.

Plus, first-time home buyers are all about going green. Scotto explains they want space to plant flowers, vegetables, and trees. They also want their house or apartment to have that sustainability seal with eco-friendly products.