By Spencer Feingold

Have an upcoming trip to a new city or just a free day in your hometown? A new online platform, Tribalist, wants to help fill your day.

The site and its app allows users to search, discover, and create lists that rank their favorite places, things, and activities.

“There are too many options of things to do every day and we think there should be a simpler, easier, way to find out what is good,” Tribalist CEO Jon Vlassopulos told Cheddar Tuesday.

The platform has lists ranking everything from hotels to country songs to cheap eats in cities worldwide.

Tribalist includes lists created from other publishers, such as The New York Times’ travel recommendations, as well as some created by everyday users. For example, Vlassopulos created a list of the "hip hotels" he frequents when visiting New York from San Francisco.

“We decided to rally together all the great lists that exist on the web and provide a new platform for people to create their own lists,” Vlassopulos said.

Vlassopulos hopes the site will provide users with a comprehensive list of the “fun things in life” that may get overlooked on social media or buried in a Google search.

Tribalist also aims to have prominent journalists, celebrities, and brands create lists so users can take recommendations from reviewers they admire and trust.

The site "brings authenticity back” by having reviews from “trusted entities,” Vlassopulos said.

The company uses an "intent to purchase" strategy to generate revenue, with monetized links to partners such as Amazon and