By Hope King and Jacqueline Corba

TripAdvisor is undergoing a redesign that will make use of the newsfeed concept made ubiquitous by Facebook. The company, which was founded four years before Facebook, on Monday unveiled its "Travel Feed," which aims to show people travel content when they want and need it, rather than offering content that is shared "in the moment."

"I use Facebook, I love it; it's a great way I can share what I'm doing," CEO Steve Kaufer told Cheddar. "But it's real-time. It's talking about what I'm doing right now."

Instead, TripAdvisor's new Travel Feed enables users to create and share holistic trip details like itineraries that friends or followers can access when they prepare for trips.

"You can't really do that with other sites," said Kaufer.

The CEO spoke to Cheddar after an event in New York City, where he demonstrated the redesign to TripAdvisor's app and website set to launch later this year.

Key to the relaunch is increased personalization ー what Kaufer refers to as "social assistance."

"We're taking advice that you receive all the time from friends and family, from travel brands, and we're bringing it online," he said of the act of following certain friends, or accounts through the new Twitter-like feed.

"All that content that’s being posted on these other platforms ー amazing content ー that a traveler going to Whistler, going to Rome, isn't seeing because they can't go back in time and find all of those ancient posts, and they're not going to try," he said.

"They're already coming to TripAdvisor."

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