Emma Vigeland of The Young Turks joins Cheddar to discuss the week's biggest political headlines. On Thursday, reports surfaced accusing Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore of making sexual overtures toward minors when he was in his thirties. Now, Republican senior leadership are calling for Moore to drop out of the special election if the allegations are true. Vigeland considers whether the possibility of Moore dropping out is realistic, and considers Alabama's chances of electing a Democrat for the first time since 1990. Then, we break down Senate Republicans' newly-released tax plan. Vigeland calls the plan "more politically astute" than the House version, and explains the primary differences between the two bills. Vigeland says the decision to delay a corporate tax rate is wise, considering the political unpopularity of the policy. Finally, we take a look at Friday's handshake seen around the world between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. The two shook hands before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam. Vigeland questions the optics of the gesture and questions why the White House would go forward with a meeting between the two world leaders.