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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, July 26, 2022:


Donald Trump will make his first post-presidency visit to Washington, D.C., today to deliver the keynote address at the America First Agenda Summit. Some Republicans told Politico they hope Trump’s speech mirrors the summit’s policy priorities, which include "lowering energy and gasoline prices, combating historic inflation, giving parents more control of their children's education, fighting crime in our cities, and securing the border." As rumblings about Trump’s decision to run in 2024 grow, and the House Select Committee continues its investigation of his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the speaking engagement comes at an undoubtedly volatile time for the former president. CHEDDAR NEWS


Alphabet, Meta, Amazon and Apple all report their latest quarterly earnings this week in the face of several headwinds buffeting the U.S. economy. Perhaps the biggest factor is inflation, which has forced companies to tighten their marketing budgets, a potentially bad sign for Alphabet and Meta, the country’s two largest companies in digital advertising revenue. Other challenges include the hiring freezes and supply chain woes that are affecting how these tech corporations do business. Cheddar News’ Michelle Castillo explains how these challenges will move markets and spark conversation about the economy going forward. CHEDDAR NEWS
Did someone say freeze? Sorry, it’s still really hot outside.


The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which sets the central bank's benchmark interest rate, will meet this week, and the financial world is abuzz with speculation about how far the nation's top bankers will go to bring down inflation. Up for debate is whether the Fed will tack on another 75-basis-point increase (that's finance-speak for three-quarters of a percentage point) as many analysts are predicting, or if it will pull back to 50 basis points. Cheddar News’ Alex Vuocolo reports on this and what new data expected later this week could mean for the direction of the economy. CHEDDAR NEWS


After testing positive five days ago, President Joe Biden’s Covid symptoms have “almost completely resolved,” according to White House doctor Kevin O’Connor. As of yesterday, Biden was still dealing with minor symptoms, but his vital signs remain “absolutely normal.” Meanwhile, Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, tested positive for Covid yesterday. Manchin’s diagnosis comes at a critical time, as Democrats are trying to push key legislation through a 50-50 split Senate including a climate policy reconciliation package and a healthcare measure that lowers prescription drug prices and extends financial assistance under the Affordable Care Act. NBC NEWS
OK … who in Washington isn’t wearing their mask?


Pope Francis issued a sweeping apology to the Indigenous community of Canada for the Catholic Church’s role in decades of abuse toward the more than 150,000 native children forced to attend state-funded Christian schools. To a receptive crowd, Francis voiced a profound apology, saying, “I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous peoples,” and called for further investigations and for concrete solutions to help survivors heal. AP


A 37-year-old woman fired several gunshots at the ceiling inside of Dallas’ Love Field Airport before being wounded and taken into custody. No other injuries were reported after the woman identified as Portia Odufuwa reportedly went inside a restroom, exited in a hoodie and used a handgun to fire eight to 12 shots at the ceiling. Police shot her in the lower extremities, and she was taken to the hospital. One witness said the suspect announced that “her husband was cheating or something. And she basically said she was about to blow this sucker up.” NBC DALLAS-FORT WORTH


Yesterday, we touched on the fact that shark populations are rising. While this may be discomforting to beachgoers, it’s actually something to celebrate because sharks are not only vital to the ocean ecosystem, they can also help to protect against climate change by boosting the growth of carbon dioxide-trapping plants like seagrass by feeding on organisms that eat the grass. Besides, sharks themselves feel the effects of the manmade climate crisis, and shark attacks — referred to as "incidents" in the scientific community — are uncommon; in 2021, 73 unprovoked bites were reported globally. CHEDDAR NEWS


The National Football League launched a streaming service called NFL+, which will cost football fans $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Thanks to live television partnership rights, live local and primetime games are only available on phone and tablet, though audio of every game is available on the app, as well as live coverage of all out-of-market preseason games. NFL+ also includes NFL Network shows, NFL Films archives and other content, and offers a premium package for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, which includes game replays and coaches’ film. CHEDDAR NEWS
Would NEVER have guessed that’s what it would be called.


Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been moved to the United Kingdom after organizers decided it was not feasible to stage it in war-torn Ukraine. The winning country usually hosts the following year's competition, and this year Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra won with “Stefania.” Now, the contest will be held in Britain after the U.K. placed second this year with Sam Ryder’s performance of “Space Man.” Organizers say they remain “committed to making the event a true reflection of Ukrainian culture.” BBC
Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine performs “Stefania” at this year’s Eurovision.  [AP Photo/Luca Bruno]


The Mega Millions jackpot grand prize is up to $810 million and counting, and the next drawing takes place tonight. The jackpot — the fourth largest in U.S. history — has grown so large because no one has matched all six numbers in 28 consecutive drawings. If you happen to be on the winning side of a 1-in-302.5-million chance tonight, you’ll have two options: Take the pre-tax $810 million prize in the form of 30 annual payments, or take the more common route: the cash option of a cool $470.1 million. AP
If this newsletter goes dark after tomorrow, you’ll know why.


Chipotle launched a new game called “Buy the Dip” — an homage to the stock market strategy — where it will give away $200,000 in cryptocurrency and 650,000 promo codes for 1-cent guacamole and Queso Blanco. The game, which launched yesterday and runs through the end of July, will reward five customers per day with $2,000 in Bitcoin, $1,000 in Ethereum and $250 in Solana, and 20 customers each day with $150 in Avalanche or Dogecoin. Participants must be registered with Coinbase as winnings will be deposited there. AXIOS
Crypotle in full force.
Chipotle’s new “Buy the Dip” showed up in a big way in Times Square. [Chipotle Mexican Grill]


Some members of Cheddar’s Digital team, whom you may know from their impeccable weekly streaming recommendations, reviewed the new Jordan Peele-directed horror film, “Nope.” CHEDDAR NEWS

Also, catch up on a busy day in pop culture. Cheddar News’ Lawrence Banton covers the Comic-Con wrap-up, “Nope” winning the weekend box office, the discussion of colorism in Hollywood, JLo’s new skincare line, and Kid Cudi getting heckled off stage. CHEDDAR NEWS

What the Tour De France Does to a Rider’s Body

25-year-old Danish cyclist Jonas Vingegaard just won his first Tour de France title, beating out two-time defending champion Tadej Pogačar by about 3½ minutes. But what did Vingegaard, Pogačar and the other riders have to endure to reach the finish line? 
As far as feats of physical endurance go, the Tour de France has to be at the top of the list. Pushing your body to the limit for over 2,000 miles across 21 stages, only the fittest athletes make it through the brutality. Cheddar News’ Joseph Ruddleston explains what happens inside your body as you compete in the legendary bicycle tour. YOUTUBE