Ben Wikler, Washington Director at, discusses the latest feud between President Trump and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, which revolves around the latest terror attack in New York City. President Trump took to Twitter the morning after a man rammed a rental truck into pedestrians in lower Manhattan, claiming the lives of 8 people. Trump blamed the attack on Schumer and his involvement with the "Diversity Lottery" immigration program passed in the 1990s. But Trump didn't seem to take into account Schumer's efforts to repeal the legislation in 2013 with the "Gang of 8." Wikler notes that he believes President Trump's motive in making these statements is to divide America, adding that he made similar comments after the London terror attack. We also dig into President Trump's proposed budget, which happens to make cuts to anti-terrorism programs. We discuss President Trump's renewed rhetoric for merit-based immigration. Wikler tells us what that means exactly, adding that he believes the president's ultimate goal is not to reform immigration but to close the door to it.