John Haltiwanger, Breaking News Reporter at Newsweek, weighs in on President Trump's latest executive order that will dismantle some of the key parts of Obamacare, including providing subsidies for low-income Americans. Will Trump and the GOP face any repercussions? Haltiwanger notes that the president is doing the exact opposite of what he told voters by not protecting individuals in lower brackets. The move has the potential to hurt sick and older Americans because it will pull young, healthier people out of the marketplace, allowing them to sign up for less expensive plans with fewer benefits and causing premiums to rise. Haltiwanger also discusses the Trump Administration's announcement that it will pull out of UNESCO, noting the move adds to this culture of isolationism that the administration seems to be building. He discusses Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement as another move that distances the U.S. from international affairs. This during what can be considered a pivotal time in world history with the rise of ISIS and terror-related events, the Syrian refugee crisis, and an increase in natural disasters across the globe.