The country is in a tizzy after President Trump tweeted that his nuclear button is "bigger" and "more powerful" than that of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Kelly Macias, Staff Writer at The Daily Kos joins Cheddar to discuss why she believes Trump's tweets are creating danger for America.

On top of Trump's Twitter war, rumors are swirling that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will run for senator of Utah after Orrin Hatch announced his retirement on Tuesday. Romney has been a vocal opponent of the current administration and the president.

Plus, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi will meet with White House Officials on Wednesday in hopes to strike a deal on government spending. She believes the Democrats have some leverage, but agreement on DACA remains up in the air. Trump has said the Democrats are "doing nothing for DACA" and she believes that while this may be delusional for him to say, there is some merit to the statement.