Turk Pipkin, actor and philanthropist known for his recurring roles on HBO's "The Sopranos" and "The Leftovers," discusses his non-profit organization, "The Nobelity Fund" and his latest endeavor to release 6 books over the course of one year through a subscription service sponsored through an Indiegogo campaign. Turk has been making films for "The Nobelity Project" which highlight various philanthropic efforts. When it comes to his new book series, 20% of the proceeds from every $200 subscription will go toward building three libraries for schools in Kenya. The Indiegogo donations will go toward the manufacturing and production costs of all of the books. In addition to receiving 6 books of your own, plus an additional one that Turk co-wrote with Willie Nelson, you will also be donating 7 books for each library. Because Kenya is a bilingual country, Pipkin adds that every book will be told in both English and Swahili.