If you're worried that family tension will leave you wanting to change the subject at your Thanksgiving dinner, Mental Floss has you covered. Deputy Editor April Daley stops by with a challenging game of Turkey Day trivia to whet your appetite before the big day. Did you know cranberry sauce was not on the table at the first Thaksgiving celebration? True or false: In the early 19th century, some people dressed up in costumes for Thanksgiving. It's actually true. Before World War II, Americans would go door-to-door asking for fruit and pennies from neighbors. Daley also asks us if we know what male turkeys are called. They're called toms, but you might hear them referred to as gobblers or jakes. She also asks which popular holiday song was originally written for Thanksgiving. "Jingle Bells" originated when songwriter James Lord Pierpont wanted something to play for Thanksgiving at his Sunday school class. Plus, we find out which president once moved Thanksgiving up by a week. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 since store owners were reeling from the Great Depression.