Turning President Trump's Quotes Into Works of Art

It all stemmed from President Donald Trump's answer to a reporter after a NATO summit in 2018: "I'm a very stable genius."
After artist Diana Weymar heard those words come out of the President's mouth, she angrily stitched the phrase into an embroidery her grandmother had done.
"Who says that? Not a genius certainly," Weymar told Cheddar Thursday. "And then to be a 'stable genius' is an oxymoron, because genius is often an unstable condition."
After sharing her embroidery with her 500 Instagram followers, the reaction was immediate. "I can tell there was an itch being scratched," she said.
Weymar's artwork proved that desperate times calls for creative measures. In a chaotic political climate, the artist began bringing some warmth and humor to the situation.
Sometimes the quotes are just surface statements. Other times the statements hit home and spark conversation. "When he talks about abortion, when he talks about punishment for late-term abortion, when he talks about building the wall, when he talks about immigrants," Weymar says, "these are not funny things, but they are things you want to be sensitive around, and create a textile around, that really makes it a piece of art that is both provocative and the things we are trying to hold on to."
Weymar decided to create 'Tiny Pricks Project' so people could join in on this artistic, historical ride. To date, it has over 1,250 pieces and they want to have 2,020 by the end of the year.
"Longer term, I want to have this sort of memorial project so that 'Tiny Pricks' is thousands of pieces from around the world, and you will go into a large museum, and there will be an enormous exhibit, and you can walk through it and remember these, I hope, four years."
Tiny Pricks Project has a collaboration with embroidered clothing store Lingua Franca, and the needlework pieces were featured in its New York City store.
"It's a way of remembering, a way of keeping track of our history," Weymar said.
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