This year has had its fair share of political tension and technological advancements, but 2018 could have even more in store. "The World in 2018," an annual publication from The Economist, predicts 2018 will be a "nerve jangling" year. Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist, and Editor of "The World in 2018," stopped by to discuss the 12 global themes for 2018.

Franklin says we will see more open versus closed world views. While President Donald Trump focuses on his "America first" agenda, France's President Emmanuel Macron is promoting a new kind of pro-globalization plan.

The Economist also sees sports competing with politics in the South Korea Winter Olympics, and the World Cup in Russia. South Korea will put on the Winter Olympics in the shadow of the North's nuclear threats. Franklin also discusses how the World Cup takes center stage in Russia at a sensitive time in the country's relationship with the West.