Even prior to the onset of the pandemic, streaming services already accounted for a large share of content consumption, but over the last year, the demand for various platforms has surged to new heights.
However, while audiences watched theatrical releases via streaming services like Amazon Prime and HBO Max or attended live concerts like Verzuz — recently acquired by Triller — on Apple Music and Instagram, they didn't just consume. They ran to platforms like Twitch to create their own content.
Doug Scott, chief marketing officer at Twitch, said that the platform has grown rapidly, and its users have found a home because it provides a sense of community, allowing creators to authentically connect.
“When people come to Twitch, you might initially come for that content but when you get that Go Live notification from a streamer you love, your instinct is not to come in and just see what’s streaming. It’s to come in and just say hi," Scott told Cheddar about why users stick around. 
As users continue to broadcast themselves and essentially become their own media companies, Scott said Twitch’s priority is always to remain “focused on creators” and establish spaces where their creativity can shine.
“People come to Twitch because there’s an incredible wealth of content there," he said. "There’s obviously gaming content, which we’re well known for. There’s also sports, music, just about anything people are passionate about."