Uber announced on Wednesday it's launching a credit card in conjunction with Barclays. Drew Quinn, Product Manager at the ride-hailing app, and Kirsten Osland, Director of U.S. Partnerships at Barclays, join Cheddar to discuss how the company decided to offer this payment option to its customers. Quinn said at the beginning of Uber it was all about getting people a safe ride from point A to point B, and people started to realize the ease of it because they didn't have to open their wallets. As Uber grew, it started looking deeper into the payment space and how it can make riders' lives a little easier. This new credit card is based on two pillars: 1. That payment for rides be seamless and 2. it's as rewarding as possible for the rider. Barclays, Uber's partner in launching this card, says it didn't have any reservations about teaming up with the company even after a string of negative headlines. Quinn discusses the future of Uber's new payment option and what it means for the growth of the company.