By: Madison Alworth

Uber's self-driving cars could be back on the roads as soon as August, and CNET senior reporterBen Fox Rubin said it's part of the ride-sharing company's goal to increase profitability.

"Uber and their main rival in the U.S., Lyft, both strongly anticipate that self-driving cars are their future. They are way more profitable ー at least they expect them to be way more profitable ー and they have the potential, despite what happened in Arizona, of being substantial safer if the technology actually does work," Rubin said in an interview with Cheddar.

According to news site The Information, Uber will restart testing the cars in Pittsburgh, and possibly San Franscisco, about four months after one of its autonomous vehicles struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona. After the March crash, the company suspended all of its self-driving test programs in the country.

Since then, Uber has invested in multiple safety efforts.

"They've done some internal reports, and they've got 16 different suggestions back of different things they should actually do to make improvements," Rubin said.

Some fixes that are expected to be included involve fixing the autobrake failsafe. The preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board noted that Uber's autobrake systems were disabled at the time of the fatal accident.

The company has also been working closely with the NTSB to review safety practices and hired the agency's former chairman Christopher Hart in an advisory role.

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