Newly crowned UFC Middleweight Champion Georges St-Pierre stops by the Cheddar set to chat about his big victory over Michael Bisping. St-Pierre forced his opponent into submission after 4:23 and claimed his title at Madison Square Garden, becoming only the fourth multi-divisional champion in UFC. St-Pierre says confidence is key for competitors. He likens fight preparation to studying for a test. The more you prepare, the better you'll perform, he says. Trash talk is a big part of the game leading up to the fight. St-Pierre emphasized that it's important to only focus on what you can control and to not pay attention to the outside noise. The sport is very popular because fighting is part of human instinct, according to the fighter. St-Pierre adds that MMA is like a triathlon sport, but fighters aren’t specialized in any particular area. This is why he is confident a boxer will never challenge an MMA fighter.