SpaceX was scheduled to launch its secret "Zuma" mission on Thursday, but it was pushed to Friday night because more data needed to be collected. However, when Friday night rolled around the company postponed the launch again, this time indefinitely. Sarah Lewin, Associate Editor at, joins Cheddar to talk about the purpose of this mission and to predict when it may launch. She says the government, which contracted this payload, wants it to launch by the end of November. So although there is no launch on the books, she expects to see a new date soon. As far as what went wrong, Lewin believes it had something to do with its failed payload, which encases whatever this payload is. She says this isn't an easy thing to switch. The owner of this mission, codenamed "Zuma", hasn't been revealed, and Lewin doesn't believe it ever will be. One launch that did happen successfully this weekend was the Joint Polar Satellite System 1, a satellite system developed to give more accurate weather predictions. Lewin says this satellite is even better than the test vessel that's currently in orbit, and will help NASA predict weather events such as El Nino and hurricanes.