Discovery's 'Undercover Billionaire' Aims to Create Million-Dollar Company in 90 Days

The new Discovery series "Undercover Billionaire" follows self-made mogul Glenn Stearns as he heads to Erie, Pennsylvania and goes undercover in an attempt to create a million-dollar company in just 90 days.
Stearns told Cheddar Friday that after spending the last 30 years in corporate America, he was determined to have a business of his own and start from scratch.
"When I have walked into situations, a lot of doors opened," Stearns said because of his impressive resume and wealth. "Can you build something without having a big history? And so, I wanted to see if that was possible."
In the series, Stearns arrives in Erie with $100 in his pocket and takes on the alias "Glenn Bryant" to see if, without using his real-world wealth and connections, he can quickly create a booming business.
This isn't the first challenge Stearns has faced in life. He failed 4th grade, fathered a child in 8th grade, but he was the first in his family to go to college.
"All my buddies would always go, 'You're so lucky, you could never do that again,'" Stearns told Cheddar on Friday. Well, he was up for the challenge and Discovery ran with the idea.
And he's not just staking his reputation on the business' success. If, after 90 days, his new company is not valued at a million dollars or more, he has pledged to invest a million dollars of his own money into the company.
It seems like a win-win for the local businesses and town of Erie, as well as the people working for his alias "Glenn Bryant." The top performing team members will get a stake in the million-dollar company, including a key role in running it.
'Undercover Billionaire' premieres Tuesday, August 6 at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery.
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