The future of mobile key technology is here. TJ Person, CEO and founder of OpenKey, joins Cheddar to explain how its software will help revolutionize the hospitality business. OpenKey created software that allows hotel guests to download an app and open their hotel room door with just their phone. The company licenses the software to different hotels on a monthly basis. Security is a huge concern when it comes to just scanning your phone to open a door. But Person says this technology is actually safer than a plastic key card. It will take your thumbprint and allow only you to open a door, whereas a plastic key card doesn't know who is holding the device. Plus, OpenKey is working on facial recognition in the next few years, you may be able to open your hotel room door with just your face. The biggest challenge in selling this technology? Getting people to change their mindset about the plastic key card! It's hard to let go of something you've been using forever. Person believes this technology will even change the way hotels are designed. The front desk won't be a prominent part of the hotel since you won't need to check in. He also says that services like Airbnb could also use this technology. As for expanding beyond hotels, he says it's not planned for the near future, but eventually he wants the technology to be in apartments and office buildings.