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Cue the gym membership marketing and diet plan propaganda, it’s that time of year again. Many vow to focus on their health goals during the first month of the year, only to fall off in February (actually making it a full month is a best-case scenario). Whether you’ve made new resolutions or already follow a fitness plan, monitoring your health and getting in shape doesn’t have to be a heavy lift, especially when you have the right tools. 
One such device is the Apple Watch, which does a lot on its own, but pair it with the Aura Smart Strap and you’ll tap into the next level of wellness. Easily track health stats like hydration and body composition through this smart strap and accompanying app. Your Apple Watch can quickly become your one-stop shop for all the info you need to stay healthy, focused on your fitness and equipped to achieve any goal – any time of year. 
The Aura Smart Strap is equipped with bioimpedance analysis, which measures body composition measurements like fat and muscle mass. Take your measurements daily and track your transformation progress via the app history. The hydration tracker is a unique, game-changing feature, as water intake is extremely important. With the myriad side effects of dehydration (some really sneak up on you), you’ll be happy to have a reminder to hit the H2O. 
This strap is splash resistant and has a long battery life; it can run for up to six months before having to change the battery. With 9.1 stars on TheGadgetFlow, the Aura Smart Strap is a reviewer-approved gadget that will help you build healthy habits that last way past January. 
Get the Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch for $118.99.