UPS is getting "ready to rock and roll" in order rev up for a 60 percent increase in shipping expected over the holiday season, CMO Kevin Warren told Cheddar Tuesday.
On Thanksgiving Day alone, almost 40 million people are expected to shop. The National Retail Federation, a trade group, said holiday retail sales could reach as much as $730.7 billion. After shoppers take advantage of retailer sales, shipping companies like UPS have to transport goods from buyer to seller.
"Normally, on average, we do about 20 million packages a day … but during the peak season, peak up to about 32 million," Warren said.
Warren said the company has to scale up in terms of technology and manpower to take on the influx of orders.
Though UPS has to focus on getting orders out and delivering them on time, the company is also investing in new technology to stay ahead of the curve, Warren said.
In addition to speeding up ground shipping and offering extended weekend hours to handle the holiday shopping, UPS is developing better ways to use sensors and data analytics. With new sensor technology, Warren said the company will be able to track packages that are "time-sensitive," such as medicine
UPS also obtained the FAA's first full approval for drone deliveries in early October. Last month, the company completed its first successful drone delivery of a medical prescription from a CVS. Warren says the company plans to launch the new service next year.