These days, A.I. is used in everything from smart home assistants to self-driving cars. And one newly-launched ETF is now using the technology to find investment opportunities for blockchain.

"One of the tough things about thematic investing, is that thematics don't show up in 10-Ks and 10-Qs. They're not showing up in financials, so taking a traditional analytical approach is a little challenging," said Matt Markiewicz, managing director at Innovation Shares, which launched the A.I.-powered KOIN ETF this week.

"By using machine learning and textual analysis, you're able to uncover securities that might not otherwise be too obvious to a CIO or a team of analysts."

The algorithm scours online platforms and databases for indications that a company is involved in blockchain. Those that pass the screen are grouped into categories, ranked, and put into an index tracked by the ETF.

While that process yields some obvious names such as IBM and Overstock, both of which have been actively involved in blockchain, it also includes what might be considered surprising choices: BP, DISH Network, and Expedia.

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