It's that time of year to start thinking about planning a vacation, but you better think twice before paying for it with your credit card! Leanna Haakons, Founder of Black Hawk Financial, and Author of "Young, Fun and Financially Free" joins Your Cheddar to discuss how credit card debt can impact your life and where to find vacations for a discount.

Haakons explains that credit cards are a great tool to build your credit, collect points, and more...but only if you're paying off the entire balance every month. Once you get stuck with a high balance, interest rates accumulate daily and it's a hard hole to get out of. A great tip from Haakons is to set up a "set it and forget it" account to save up for vacations down the line.

So how can you have fun without breaking the bank? Haakons suggests following local bloggers who track flights and vacation packages out of your local airport. Or, you could download a coupon finder, like Honey, onto your internet browser to automatically search for discounts on any website you browse.