By Mike Teich

The pioneers behind some of the world's most influential technology companies might not be the lovable nerds you once thought they were.

Until now, the full story of how Silicon Valley came to be was known only to insiders at the center of it all. But the secrets and gossip of the world's tech hub are laid out in Adam Fisher's new book out this week, "Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley," including bombshell details about the death of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

“There’s a rumor that Steve Jobs was on a massive dose of LSD at the time of death,” Fisher told Cheddar.

Fisher also details the animosity Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had towards Jobs. Apparently said Woz blew off the memorial service and said, "Jobs couldn't make a computer to save his life."

The book further delves into the early days of Facebook, where the beer and sex were as ingrained in the culture as coding, and Google, whose revenue stream originally was highly dependent on searching for porn.

“That was kind of the business model at the very beginning,” Fisher said.

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