If you've been to New York, you have most likely had a cup of Vassilaros Coffee without even knowing it. The brewing company has been operating for over 100 years and is served in Central Park, Candy Kitchen in the Hamptons, and in most of the coffee carts around New York City. Stefanie Kasselakis Kyles is the 4th generation to lead the company and she currently serves as President and CEO. Tim Stenovec sat down with Kyles to get her take on the coffee industry. The entrepreneur says it is a great time to be in coffee, because it is trendier than ever. She also explains that a key to success is personally overseeing nearly all parts of the coffee process. Kyles states that it is both a privilege and great opportunity to run a business that has been in her family for so long. In terms of future steps, Kyles says she plans to continue taking the business forward day by day. Even though there is not much brand recognition around Vassilaros, it is clear the consumer enjoys it.