Las Vegas played host to two distinctly different tournaments this weekend. CWL' Las Vegas, the first offline tournament for new game Black Ops 4, cemented Optic Gaming's status as the team to beat. Meanwhile, Riot's League of Legends All-Stars event was a weekend of lighthearted fun, with highlight performances from newly minted G2 midlaner Caps and Australian toplane upstart Pabu in the 1v1 tournament and Doublelift and Voyboy in the 2v2.

Paola Alejandra and Locodoco report from both tournaments, featuring interviews with Optic's Scump, Dashy, Karma, Crimsix, and Hector Rodriguez, G2's Blazt, Flyquest midlaner Pobelter, Vitality midlaner Jiizuke, and journalist Travis Gafford.