Verizon is ushering in the new era of connected vehicle solutions with its introduction of Verizon Connect, a brand built to improve driver safety and efficiency for customers. Andres Irlando, CEO of Verizon Connect, was with Cheddar to explain the opportunity Verizon sees in connected vehicles.

Verizon Connect combines three best-in-class fleet and mobile workforce management software companies to deliver solutions that help drive safety, productivity and efficiency for customers. The new brand will help customers optimize their connection to vehicles and mobile resources more generally, said Irlando.

FreshDirect is a customer of Verizon Connect. Irlando said the company uses their software platform to improve driver behavior. The food-delivery company is also able to track speeding, harsh braking, and seat belt use. FreshDirect uses Verizon Connect's solutions for cold chain integrity to make sure their food is kept at the appropriate temperatures.