By Spencer Feingold

A new phone carrier, Visible, hopes to revolutionize how phone plans are bought and sold for the digital generation, a company executive told Cheddar.

“To date, you haven't been able to activate a phone service right from your phone by downloading an app,” said Minjae Ormes, Visible's chief marketing officer, during an interview at South by Southwest (SXSW). The company sells phone plans and interacts with customers entirely on its website, app platform, and social media accounts.

“We are made for folks who don't necessarily need to, or want to, go to the physical stores to get their business done,” Ormes added.

The company was launched less than a year ago by Verizon and its plans costs just $40 a month ー with no additional taxes or hidden fees, according to Ormes. The phones operate across Verizon’s network.

Ormes says the affordable cost of the plan is viable because of the low overhead expenses. “We’re able to pass that savings right to our members,” she said.

Moreover, Visible says it is confident that high quality customer service and support can be provided solely online.

“Even if you have an all-digital business and an all-digital user journey, you're dealing with people,” Ormes said. “We can absolutely bring that human touch.”

Ormes added that consumer trends are supportive of the young company. “In some ways we are catching up to the way that consumers have been going, so let’s see how this goes,” she said.

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